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    colors messing up???

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      I have the CS3 trial. I'm just baffled. I have an old project that I'm working on from 1.5 and the only plug-in I have is color finesse 2. Most of the film is fine, but on the clips that are in video 2, 3, or 4 in the timeline (regardless if there is anything underneath them) really mess up the color correction. When I open the color finesse effect box the preview screen has the colors looking perfect, but as soon as I exit out of that and look at it on the timeline it still looks terrible! :(

      Why on earth is this happening??? As soon as I "turn off" the plug-in effect the messed up color goes away and when I turn it back on it's messed up again. So it obviously has something to do with the color correction. At first I thought it just needed to be rendered, but even after I render it it still looks the same. I even exported it and it still looks bad.

      ANY clue what might be happening here?????