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    A couple trimming questions

    Colin Brougham Level 6
      Fairly new to Premiere Pro, and not even a day old on the forums--so please, be gentle...

      I've got two questions regarding trimming in PPro CS3:

      1) I come from Avid Land, where while in trim mode, audio is scrubbed for cueing to a particular edit point. Is there a way to enable this feature/capability in PPro?

      2) I like the pop-up Trim Tool/Trim Window (under keyboard shortcut "T"). However, I don't like the fact that there's no way--that I've found--to toggle that window open and closed. I'm a hardcore keyboard commando, so reaching for the mouse to X out that window is a minor annoyance. Is there any way to make the "T" key a toggle, or some other method of achieving the same result?

      Thanks in advance,