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    Having audio synch issues using MOTU V4HD to capture analog vid in Premiere Pro CS3

      Im new to digital video so Im hoping I might be able to get some assistance here with my attempts to capture analog video using Premiere Pro CS3, as Ive been having quite a bit of difficulty.

      Im an audio archivist working at a state archive that has a small video collection (approx. 250 60 minute tapes) that gets quite a bit of use. The material I am dealing with was originally 16mm film footage that was professionally transferred unto Sony ¾ Umatic and Sony Beta tapes some years ago.

      This is my set-up:
      Sony UVW 1200 Beta SP Machine
      Motu V4HD converter (all drivers are updated)

      Computer is:
      Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E6750
      Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce 8400GS @ 512mb
      2 GB Ram
      Premiere Pro CS3 with all updates installed

      Heres my signal flow:

      Im passing the video out the Sony beta as component YPbPr using BNC connect coaxial cable, audio is stereo XLR. Video coming into the MOTU SD component input set to YPbPr, audio XLR in on MOTU analog stereo 1&2. Video & Audio travel to the CPU via firewire connection. In PrCS3 my project is set up using one of the MOTU presets to capture the material as 480i, 10bit uncompressed video, SD component YPbPr, 29.97 fps, analog stereo input.

      The problem that Im encountering is loss of video/audio synchronization when I attempt to capture an entire video tape. After adjusting the buffer setting in the MOTU audio console I managed to get good synch when I pulled a segment of video that ran about 20 minutes in length. But if I try to run the entire length of a sixty minute tape the audio seems to get progressively faster and out of sync with the video. In some tests the audio might run as much as 8 seconds faster than its actual corresponding video frames.

      Ive been on the phone with Motu support a few times. They suggested that I attempt to pull the video using the Motu DV25 and 8 bit uncompressed settings. Since the recorder plug-ins on the MOTU are independent we can see if we have a global or isolated problem. Neither of this fixes were successful; inexplicably no audio was captured in the DV25 attempt even though I monitored it going thru the converter. In the 8-bit attempt the audio abruptly drops out after a few seconds of playback, even though I can see the waveform in the sequence display window and kicking in the audio level display. I can get it to return, for a few seconds, by closing and re-opening Premiere but audio is still wildly out of sync.

      Im hoping that my problems relate to some simple configuration setting that is out of whack. The MOTU is completely compatible with Premiere Pro and Motu support is at least adequately conversant with the Program. But Im not having any success so far. Has anybody encountered any of these issues while attempting to capture analog video?

      Any assistance would be welcome and incredibly helpful.