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    HD and 5X7 still photos

    KJonesy Level 1
      I am trying to help a friend with PP. She has cropped and printed over 500 photos as jpegs at 5X7 with 240 resolution. She now wants to put them into a HD widescreen project. Is there a way to do this without going back to the originals? (She doesn't want to have to put them all in order again-she already has the 5x7's in order for the timeline). Any suggestions? If she does the "scale to fit frame" will that still not look quite right? Should I recommend something simpier than PP for these slideshows? (she will end up making about 10 of these things with about 500 pics each).
      Any advice appreciated.
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          That resolution may not look very good in HD. Might get away with it in SD.
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            Gary Andrew Level 1
            Ok several problems going on here

            1. You indicate that the pictures are 5x7 with 240 resolution. This means almost nothing for video. (it only tells us the aspect ratio). Whether these pictures will look good in a HD project is unknowable without knowing the NUMBER OF PIXELS the pictures have NOT THE DPI which for video is totally irrelevant. (i.e. if the pictures are 2500x3500 they will look good if they are 250x350 they will look pitiful.

            2. The other problem is that 5x7 is not the right aspect ratio for HDs 16x9. If the scale to fit frame option is used the pictures will not be the right aspect ratio to fill the entire video frame.
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              Dan Isaacs Level 2
              > without knowing the NUMBER OF PIXELS the pictures have

              DPI may be irrelevant to video, but in this case it should tell us the number of pixels also, given that we know the number of inches:

              7 * 240 = 1680 pixels
              5 * 240 = 1200 pixels
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                KJonesy Level 1
                Yes, I do understand that dpi and photo dimensions are both irrelevant in video. My hope was that including the dpi would show I had some resolution to manipulate and perhaps that would help.
                The project has now been changed to SD widescreen. I have never created a widescreen project but I have been reading messages here on the forum. It appears to me that if she would resize the 1680 X 1200 (5 X 7) images to 854 pix wide (which would then make them 641 pix high) she would fill the screen and lose 161 px on the top and bottom. BUT the images should stay clear. Am I thinking correctly here? Apparently, many were shot in RAW and she has done a great deal of editing on these photos. They are primarily landscape type photos.
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                  Gary Andrew Level 1
                  You are pretty much correct however, I would suggest not resizing the pictures at all unless you are sure that you won't want to zoom in on them or put some other motion on them. You can always use Premier's scale function to reduce the size in order to get most of the picture in the frame (not all of it because of the aspect ratio issue), but if you resize the pictures outside of Premiere to the video frame you will be unable to zoom in without going over 100% in the scale property - not a good thing.

                  BTW - The correct number for an NTSC widescreen project for a square pixel image is 864 not 854.