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    1080 or 720 import export choice

      i think i must not understand 1080 and 720 HD. i'm a 4:3 SD man, never had any issues with PP-CS2,3. but i have a Canon XHA1 camera, love it having moved from an XL1, and now feel like everything should be shot at the biggest number...bigger is better?...so i have it all set to 1080. we're PAL here, by the way. so when i import from the camera to PP-CS3 it goes in fine, like normal video but wider, 16:9, no worries. yep. then i will build a sequence of cuts and export them as an avi to reimport it as a full edit sequence back in to the project add to the still working mix of other cuts. this is the way i work, i cut, build and export scene sequences then in the final cut mix all the sequences as avi exports then export the lot as one final cut movie. works for me as i often have to apply correction/effects on sequences for the type of work i do...then mix them (and matching audio)

      HOWEVER, when i export a sequence and reimport it it will show up SMALL inside the safety margins of the monitor out preview window, like i've exported a web mpeg or something, which i haven't. duh.. i have to drag it out to fit the preview monitor frame and this creates distortion sometimes, like i've cropped and stretched out the pixels. yerk!. this is all while importing-as and working-in 1080 and exporting as 1080. frustrating and is annoying to all get-out. maybe i should go to EDIUS to edit...? is 720 any different? better? go back to SD?

      any fixes or sympathies out there? thanks in advance...

      -daniel jenkins
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          Dan Isaacs Level 2
          > i will build a sequence of cuts and export them as an avi to reimport it

          When you do this (assuming your .AVI is 1440x1080), you need to right-click on the clip in the Project window and got to Interpret Footage. Set the pixel aspect ratio to 1.33
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            ah, well, i'll try that, then. yes, the avi is 1440 x 1080. so, in order to understand the maths logic behind this, i'll ask but also research, why 1.33...?

            thaks for the speedy response.

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              Dan Isaacs Level 2
              16 / 9 = 1.778
              1080 * 1.778 = 1920
              1920 / 1440 = 1.333

              So, the display aspect ratio (DAR) is 16x9, but 1440x1080 is horizontally "squished". You need to multiply its width by 1.33 to fill the 16x9 area, so it has a pixel aspect ratio (PAR) of 1.33.
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                thanks. this makes sense and the maths are very difinitive. in a world of virtual physics, however, the anomolie exists, "why" does it come into the monitor preview window "pre-shrunk" as if it might have come from the discount bin at GAP?

                i am not so much asking you in particular, mr isaacs, to respond. but it is more a general query regarding the intended export and resultant import being contrary responses to the export request inside the premiere school which i have to say i have never found to be very academic. but i do appreciate your attention to this. unlike many people around me where i live, i Do do numbers and enjoy exploring the relationships between X and Y. however, on a pedestrian, albeit domestic note, for us here in Oz it is school holidays and it is saturday evening and i now have to go out to the pub for dins with the boat people who use this place as a yachting holiday destination with their littlies. i look forward to whatever might be here when i return in three hours. otherwise i will apply the 1.33 code tomorrow.

                cheers, sir, et al,

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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                  To be more specific as to "why?", the pixel is not square. The HDV pixel is wider than it is tall, by a ratio of 1.33 to 1.