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    Bad quality preview via HDMI

      Hello together!

      After searching for days in the www and on this board I hope somebody here knows a solution for this problem:

      Im looking for a quality solution to preview the program monitor as a full screen picture on my Panasonic HD-Ready TV. I got it running, but there is a really strange quality problem:

      When I just use the TV as a second Windows display and I move the program monitor onto it (no full screen but at 100% display level) the preview looks nice but I can not see the complete picture, because 1280x720 plus the program monitor itself is too big for my screen When I change the display size of the program monitor to something lower than 100% the scaling looks very bad higher than 100% no problem with scaling.

      So this is my problem:
      When I switch it in the playback settings to playback on extern monitor to view it full screen there is a problem. Diagonal lines get a bad looking aliasing. My idea was that CS3 is scaling something (and this does the program not as good as I tried the preview with trailversions of Edius5 or Vegas8c). Just at 100% CS3 preview looks nice (the same when I just watch the program monitor on the Notebook display).

      My Nvidia Card is set to HDMI 720p output. The TV says it is a 720p signal what is coming form my HDMI cable, and last but not least my footage is also filmed in 720p60 (Sony Ex1) and I used the 720p60 EX1 setting in CS3.

      So again, when I just watch these clips for example with the Sony clip browser on my TV (also form this Notebook via the same HDMI output) the diagonal lines start not to flicker and are displayed very sharp. So it cant be the graphic card, the TV or the footage at my knowledge.

      So why does CS3 scale there something in the full screen preview although from input to output everything is in 720p? Furthermore why is the scale in such a bad quality (Edius does this perfect so maybe I have just a wrong setting somewhere in my CS3 settings). Is CS3 not using the graphic card for scaling?

      My system:
      Asus V1S Notebook
      NVidia GeForce 8600M GT 512MB
      Duo T7500
      2GB Ram
      Windows Vista

      Hope somebody here is able to find a solution for this problem, because I dont want to buy an extra video board (like Axio) for it.

      Best wishes,
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Normally you'd use something like the BlackMagic Intensity card for this. Going through your graphics card may well be the issue.
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            thanks for your fast answer, but technical I don't see a reason why I need a Blackmagic card for this. The preview works fine with Sony Clip Browser, Edius5 or Vegas and this means that my graphic card can handle this very well... so why waste money for the Blackmagic card. Or is this a deal between Adobe and the card producers to buy their cards? What does CS3 different than these other software solutions?

            Also the Intensity Card can't handle 1080p30 the Ex1 can also film so I would need a more expensive videoboard.
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              There is something between Premiere and the GPU that tends not to work very well. Some people can get things to work, seems like most can't. Whereas the Intensity and other cards were specifically designed to do what you want to do, so they tend to work a whole lot better.
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                But often with these cards, you can not work in the CS3 normal nativ settings for Ex1 footage.
                At my knowldge when I would like to open a project which with a Blackmagic Card for example and I like to finish the editing on an other computer without that card you'll have a problem (because BM or other cards allway use their own presett window-right?). So you lose a lot of flexibilty by using a card or a third party codec like this. So it's not so future proof as just to work with the NLE Software itself.

                I see this now with my old Premiere 6.5 Projects. I used a Canopus Raptor RT2 for this with the Canopus codec. That worked very very well, but now I can't use this project anylonger on a new editing CS3 station, because it doens't support these Canopus transitions and codecs. Also the only Windows Notebook based output solution is the MotuV4 box... not a very cost effectiv solution for a preview.

                So again. There must be a sloution to get the problem with the diagonal lines fixed. Why does CS3 scale the preview when 720p footage should be displayed over a 720p output onto a 720p Monitor? No need for scaling? Or am I wrong with this?
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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  It's a true point about presets and missing hardware. But I just don't have any other suggestions to make. Premiere has a lot of difficulty sending straight video out to a lot of graphics cards. The only sure solution I know is to use a card that was specifically designed for the task.