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    exporting using youtube preset gives flicker

      I am trying to do a simple 3 minute video using the youtube preset. the finished video after taking 40 minutes to export is flickering. I tried turning off the de-interlace that didn't work. Any suggestion. With a 40 minute export time I really don't have the time to experiment with any more settings. By the way, I have used these settings before with no problem and a much shorter export time. I can't think of any thing that has changed.

      by the way why is there no search box for this forum.
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          Hi Jes.

          There's no Search box as such, but there is a "Forum Search" link in the navigation menu just above this topic.

          The YouTube preset uses H.264 so it is going to be a slow encode, but 40 minutes for a 3 minute video strikes me as excessive.

          Have you changed the preset in any way?

          How complex are the effects and compositing in your sequence?

          I should check whether your source material is NTSC, like the preset. A frame rate jump may cause problems similar to what you've mentioned.

          Another question would have to be, what is your source format?