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    Karaoke Text

      Is there any easy way to create karaoke text in Premiere Pro CS3?
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          akribie Level 2
          Depends what you mean by easy.

          CS4 adds speech to text, which might be helpful.

          Otherwise, an addin like http://www.dvdate.ru/en/dvsubtitles.html might prove less tedious than creating loads of individual titles by hand.
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            Eddie Lotter Level 4

            See also: FAQ:How do I create subtitles/karaoke lyrics?


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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5
              It is easy enough to create titles, but coloring each word either requires a title per word, or you can do it the way I used to do it, which is make the text transparent and then use a colored box on behind it yo highlight each word. And then both layers sit on top of a third, solid, layer.

              I have a collection of titles from one letter to 20 letters that I created to handle the task.

              Of course, now I just animate the text in After Effects. Much easier.
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                Dan Isaacs Level 2
                Steven's suggestions are good.

                You could also try having just two titles for each line : one normal and one highlighted and using cropping or masks to hide the highlights until they needed.

                Sorry, but I can't resist the quote:

                "Karaoke weekend at the suicide shack, community service and I'm still the mack."
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                  Level 1
                  Thanks a lot for all your replies. So, is that mean animating the text in After Effects is much easier than Premiere Pro? If so, how to do it in After Effects?
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                    Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                    It is much easier.

                    Here is a tutorial to help you get started:


                    and then this one for more details:


                    You need to animate the color of the "area of effect".

                    Also, you can actually change the "value" of the text itself by animating the text parameter.