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    Premiere exports blank FLV from an edited exported.mpg clip

      I am testing how to create a video piece for my website.

      I have downloaded a stock .mpg from a stock footage provider- it does not come with sound. I imported the file from my desktop (windows xp user) into Premiere Pro cs3. The .mpg is easily edited and I click on export: adobe media encoder. The video appears in its edited state (320 x240 original size) and I select adobe flash video, entire sequence, custom, 25 fps.

      IT has an estimate file size of 308.54kb. The original .mpg was 2.8mb.

      When I open the flv file, the window opens up to a large size, almost filling my screen and is a white blank canvas. I opened it with various players and go the same results.

      Why is the .mpg not exporting correctly as a .fla if I can edit it and everyhting appears correct?

      I want to import hte .fla into flash and inlay flash controls over it to play on my website as a commercial.

      I have found tutorials on how to create a video commercial but I can't find a website that addresses a "blank" FLA file.

      Please help!