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    Setting motion keyframes for still images


      I'm still relatively new to using CS3, and there's a painfully simple task that I cannot figure out.

      All I want to be able to do is pan around on still images, Ken Burns-style. I have read the FAQs, so don't link me to them - what I NEED to do is clear and well-explained. What's perplexing me is a total lack of ability to set a keyframe linked to motion, rather than opacity. In the Effect Controls window, I can set individual keyframes for Opacity and Motion using the < O > buttons, but I don't have the option to do the same thing for Motion - the buttons just aren't there.

      Please - protect me from my own stupidity. What am I doing wrong? If someone could give me a step-by-step explanation of what to do (with or without large print and nice big pictures), I'd hugely appreciate it.