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    Exporting to Encore for Blu-ray

    mickkeay Level 1
      Hi all
      Couple of questions guys before I get stuck into some blu-ray projects

      I have a couple of HDV projects that I want to get onto a Blu-ray disc. I have a burner and a test timeline went well - using /export to encore/ with default settings for MPEG2 Blu-ray / direct burn no authoring.

      However, if I want to get a few projects on one disc I need to export manually and use encore properly. From Premiere AME I am not sure whether to use the H264-Blu-ray option or the MPEG2-Blu-ray. I assume in either case I set the size to 1440x1080 to match hdv?
      Looking at the settings, I think I will get a smaller filesize using H264 and I just know its gonna take longer, but is there anything else to consider - will h264 result in better quality on end disc?

      Now when I get to Encore, should I change default settings for new Blu-ray project to 1440x1080 - or leave at default 1920x1440. I understand I need to stop encore from re trancoding.

      Any pointers would be much appreciated