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    Recommended System Specs for using Premiere?

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      After playing with Permiere Pro some on my laptop, things got really slow with the preview window when I started adding effects. On effect I need to add is to have a layer that plays an animation (many transparent frames) on top of my main video layer.

      I have an Acer Aspire 3680-2682 with
      2GB of ram
      Win XP Pro
      1.86 GHz
      Intel Celeron processor 440
      GMA 950 graphics card

      It's a pretty low-end laptop but it runs pretty fast for other things. Editing seems to be a different situation.

      So I just want to have a system that I can use for Premiere Pro. I'm hoping to only spend <600. Really all I need the system to do is to be able to run Premiere Pro at workable speeds, so I'll pay the cheapest I can for something that can do that.

      I'd appreciate any suggestions, or even links to good deals.