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    64 bit vista with Asus p5q mob

      OK. Here goes and here's hoping someone on this planet has come across the same problems as I.
      I have a quad core q9650 new pc that has vista ultimate 64bit installed.
      I transferred my premiere cs3 to this pc but originally froze when trying to open.It kept stating that the audio input was not found.(the asus mob has all the built in stuff but could not get to open the proggy to set it so....)
      I had an old soundblaster 5.1 card and installed it.
      Hey presto, Premiere cs3 now operated perfectly. ... almost.

      2 problems.
      1. I have a mainconcept hd plug in and the exported hd m2t file WILL not smart render rather it's like the old cs3 .. SLOW.
      I now cannot play video files, there is no picture or sound.
      To correct this , I turned off in the bios and device manager all the asus mob firewire 1394 components as I read where 2 off 1394 ports can cause this to occur. (the soundblaster card has another 1394 port)
      Hey preto again, I can now play back video files !

      My problem I'm now left with is problem 1 that I cannot correct where the mainconcept hd plug in does not want to smart render..

      I know more than anyone , this is a complet set of problems but wondering if ANYONE has been in similar situation with any better results or information that could assist me.

      Thanks in advance.