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    How can I get Premiere CS3?

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      I don't know if CS4 is backward compatible with RED GIANT MAGIC BULLET and ASPECT 3.1. So to be safe can I still purchase CS3?
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          TradeWind Level 3
          Yeah, there are lots of places clearing their stock on CS3 right now, though...videoguys.com being one of them. B&H still has some, too. I'd imagine Amazon.com will also have a few copies.

          No matter where you get your copy of CS3, remember that you get an automatic free upgrade to CS4 once it's shipped (in October or November). You don't have to necessarily use CS4, and it doesn't prevent you from using CS3. However, there's only a very short time frame right now while purchases will qualify for the free upgrade, and then only a short time afterward that Adobe will qualify those purchases and ship the new software. After that, you're stuck at a full version behind, which could be bad news longer down the road.

          For example, right now, it looks like people who didn't upgrade to CS2 or CS3 are out of luck...forced to buy the full version now.
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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5
            I beg to differ.


            It says that 1.x, 2.0 and CS3 all upgrade to CS4 at the same price of $299.
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              TradeWind Level 3
              Oh, sorry...I was talking about the suites, not the individual package for Premiere Pro.

              Actually, PPro can upgrade from ANY previous version of PPro or Premiere (this is to encourage those Mac people with old 6.5 versions of Premiere to upgrade now that it's back on the Mac).

              That will probably continue to be the policy for at least one more release.

              On the flipside, After Effects upgrades are only available back to v 6.0 (coincided roughly with the availability of Premiere Pro v1.0 back in 2002/2003)...so not as lenient there.
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                Does anybody know if Premiere Pro CS4 is compatible with the following:

                RED GIANT MAGIC BULLET (CS3 approved)
                CINEFORM ASPECT 3.1 (I've been using it with 1.5)
                GEN ARTS SAPPHIRE (CS3 approved)
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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  That's a difficult question as CS4 is not yet on the market, but you could check with Red Giant etc.

                  Christian: there are different upgrade routes. You can upgrade to the suite from a single programm (e.g. Pro 2.0) for $1099.