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    Reverting back to a clips original audio

      What would be the quickest way to revert back to a clips original audio. In other words, I used Soundbooth to apply effects to an entire clip and then cut it into pieces.

      What is now linked to the video clip is the "render and replace" and then re-saved from Soundbooth. I need to go back to the original "linked" audio for this clip (which is now much smaller than the ENTIRE clip that the Soundbooth effects were made to) so I can make different adjustments - basically start over in regard to audio effects...


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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Drag the original clip with its audio from the project window over (overlay) the old clip in your timeline. Or just the audio from the source monitor.
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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            After editing, there is no easy way to put back the original audio for the entire clip and all parts used. You'll have to use Ann's suggestions for each individual part of the clip in the sequence.
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              TradeWind Level 3
              Select on of your clips and right click to choose "Reveal in Project." Open that clip in the project/bin window in the source monitor. Toggle the "Take Audio/Video" button on the source panel to audio only. Drop that somewhere in the timeline on an open spot.

              Shift+select the source clip video in the timeline and the audio clip so that both are selected. Right click and choose "Link" from the menu. You will see a little timecode readout on both clips that tells you how far out of sync the clips are now, so just move the audio clip until that notification is gone and the clips are resynchronized.

              This may not solve the audio issue for you very quickly if your cuts removed material between clips on the timeline, but you can use the link/sync trick to at least 100% ensure yourself that the clip audio/video sync back for each clip without having to constantly scrub the timeline or playback and check it over and over.

              Hope this helps!