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    External Drive Delima

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      I recently got a laptop that I will probably be using for video editing while I am in college. The main issue I am running into though is the lack of storage space, so I am planning to get an external drive to store everything on, and just the essentials files on the internal drive. I planned to go eSATA for speed, but the only way to get eSATA on my laptop is to get a PCMCIA card because my laptop doesn't have those new express card slots. Or I could go firewire with the 4-pin firewire connection. My question is: do you think the eSATA will be faster, even going through the PCMCIA card, or should I just stick with Firewire? I'm all SD right now and don't plan to go to HD too soon, but I do do multi-cam editing, not sure how that works though...

      Another option is to get a Firewire 800 PCMCIA card, but I'm not sure how much faster that would be. Or I could just use the USB 2.0 ports..

      Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!