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    Tested the Z7 and installed a new graphic card!  My observations.

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      Okay, I wanted to share these observations with everybody.

      (1) I tested the Z7 on a project. Here is my conclusion: The Z7 is versatile and gets the job done. But overall I don't really see the difference between the Z7 and the Z1. The only real advantage of the Z7 is that it does progressive. Everything else is more or less the same. Granted the viewfinder on the Z7 is better but it still won't tell you things the Z1 viewfinder won't. In normal lighting conditions the cameras perform identically. The rest is just marketing. On that end it is much cheaper to get a Z1 or a JVC 111 than a Z7.

      If I had to pit a camera against another it would be the Z1 against the EX1. The fact is flash cards are great in theory but totally impractical in reality. We shot 10 hours of footage a day. With a Z1 it would have meant 4000 Euros worth of flash cards and mandatory transfers to a PC at the end of each day. Forget it. Tape based systems are still the most practical and usable.

      I will say this however: Progressive is really a step up. I think once you go progressive you don't go back. That may be the only real argument against the Z1.

      (2) During the production it occured to me the real shorcomming of these lowed end professional cameras is the way they handle movement. It is very difficult or even impossible to keep a sharp image on movement or pans. End when following an oject with a pan the focus has a tendency to go soft. That is the main reason picture comparisons can conly be relevant on a moving shot; not on a static one. This is where the high end cameras HD CAM cameras will blow the Z1 or the Z7 away... not so much on picture quality but on movement management.

      (3) I replaced my Matrox Pahelia graphic card with an ATI REAEDON TYPE CARD; what a difference. Software which did not work before (such as Magic Bullet and ULTRA) work fine now. The fact replacing the graphic card made it clear many of the crashes or incompatibilities can be hardware related and not software reslated as is often suspected.

      I hope this helps.