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    How do I determine correct media encoder settings for Blu-Ray

      I am successfully producing Hi Def Blu-Ray disks by using one of the presets available in Premiere media encoder. Actually using the HDTV 1080i 25 High Quality setting. They playback in beautiful high definition but I think I was just lucky. I would really like to know what determines the setting I should use.

      1. I live in Australia so I assume PAL.

      2. My camera is a Sony HDV. HCR HC9 1440 x 1080i. I assume this is irrelevant to export encoding settings for Blu-Ray.

      3. The export encoder preset has field order set to Upper. I would have thought I should either match the project settings which is interlaced to match my camera and project. OR more likely I should match the audience TV which would be a widesceen plama or LCD TV. I dont know if these TVs are interlaced or progressive. OR is it more a question of what field order the Blu-Ray player expects me to send on the disk?

      4. I will play on a TV 1920 x 1080 pixel capable and on slightly lower resoultion widescreens. The encoder preset is for 1920 x 1080 so I assume that's ok for all widescreen TVs even lower definition ones.

      As you can tell I am a learner. Any suggested links to basic reading on the subject would help me.


      PS Put this item in wrong forum previously.