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    Premiere and Raid 0

      Hi Everybody,

      As i know that Adobe says that premiere will work in a more efficient way with two hard drive (one for the system and one for the rushes) I would like to have your help on this point:

      I am going to work on a new laptop (with premiere pro cs3) that contains two hard drive (it is one of my criteria for this purchase) and the system allow me to put them in Raid 0. Those hdd run at 5400 t/m (unfortunately it is very difficult to find laptop with hdd at 7200t/m or they are too much expensive).

      So do you think it is better to let work premiere with two "slow" hdd (one for system, one for rush) or to put them in Raid 0 for that the system will consider them as only one hdd, as I have understood so far, but that will be more fast (in pratical 1,5 faster if I have well understood, because the system write a file in the same time on the two hdd, one part on each of them) ?

      To resume my question, do you think it is better to have 2 "slow" hdd or one faster hdd to make premiere work more efficiently ?

      I thank you in advance for your kind help for a newbie,

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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Although it is often called a RAID0, it would be better called a (band)AID, because it lacks any form of redundancy, hence no R. This means that whenever one of the disks fail, you lose ALL data and those chances are effectively doubled in comparison to non-(R)aided configurations. I think you are better off with an external eSATA Raid0/3/5 configuration with 7200 RPM disks or even a single eSATA disk.
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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            I agree with Harm. Don't get the two internal drives in a RAID0.

            Use one as the system drive, use the other for project files, scratch disks and exports. Use the suggested eSATA external for the rushes.
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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5
              RAID0 is too risky for a program drive, I believe. I like Jim's configuration. It is easy enough to get a eSATA card for a laptop to connect to an external drive. And the eSATA connection is as fast as they come.
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                Hi again,

                Thanks so much to Harm, Jim and Steven for their fast answer, interest in my question and their precious comment. I understand perfectly the solution you're talking about but maybe I should precise my question.

                In fact the security of my data is not a problem in this situation, because i have a desktop pc (at my work in a school) where i mainly develop my project and all the data are well secured (as well as it could be :-) with 2 internal hdd 7200 t/m plus daily backup of the rushes and works on differents external hdd keeped in different places (at work and at home, in case fire make burn one of this place !).

                On my laptop (just for home), I just want to make little project or finish a part of the work done at work. I know the problem with loosing data on the 2 disks in the same time with raid 0 indicated by Harm, but as i said this is not a problem because the data are well saved at work (and even at home) because I make often backup on different external hdd. And if ever I loose a few hours of work on the laptop, and it has already happen believe me ! OK, that's life ! I just have to do this little work again. But with the other copy I have, I don't loose too much. So I really can handle this problem of security and I have really thought to it (especially after loosing some important editing work in the past years, I have decided to take this problem seriously).

                My problem is that I'm not looking for a professional editing tool on my laptop (It is just a part of what I do with) and I want to let it the more mobile possible: edit in the garden with the birds inspiring me, explaining some AE tricks in a friend's home... So I precisely don't want to work with an external hdd. I wish that all my data stay on my internal hdd to be independent and take my laptop where I go with nothing more to carry with it. That's why I buy a 2 internal hdd laptop. To give you a stupid example, I often edit on the sofa (it's more confortable :-) with the laptop on the top of my lap (i'm a little bit lazy as you might have understood :-). In this case it is really not handy to have an external hdd attached to the laptop. Even my mouse is bluetooth to tell you I really hate all those horrible cables I have at work (it's why I work with a laptop at home).

                So in those conditions, even if they are not the best way to work in a professional and secure manner, and if I really prefer to work only with the 2 internal hdd of my laptop, do you think it is better to let them independent with one for system and one for rushes, or to put them on raid0 for that they will be seen as one hdd but more fast. In which case do you think premiere will works more fastly and efficiently ?

                I apologize for the length of my question, and thanks again I you had the courage to read it all. And also sorry for my bad english, i'm only a little frenchy :-).

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7
                  Since you admitted to being kind of lazy, what is the drawback of having your laptop copy your behavior? I would suggest to use the disks separately, even if it is a bit slower. Your use is not very demanding and when showing stuff to friends you have to use a slow pace anyway.
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                    Jim_Simon Level 8
                    I agree. Even without the external drive, keep the internal disks separate, not in a RAID. Put the OS and programs on one, and the project, scratch and media on the other.
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                      Thank's again for your kind help.

                      When I was saying that i am a little bit lazy, it was to be understood in my way of living :-), but in my editing work it's quite another thing. I do not wish to make a simple familly movie with my dog trying to catch the cat. At the contrary I'm making little movie for video contest with my pupils and often with Sfx shots.

                      So I have often complex shots with 3,4 or more video layers (to do Picture in Picture effect, transition, chromakey or other effects offered in premiere or AE), and also with 2 or 3 graphics layers (title or still image) all in the same time. Some times I even have 5 or 6 video layers and something like 7 audio layers at the same time on the timeline. Of course I don't intend to be able to make the same thing on the laptop like on my desktop, but the more possible it can offers me.

                      For example in a sport movie presentation, you show in the four square of the image, different sport activities practiced in the school in the same time, with a title to describe them and add a little blur effect to give more impact to the presentation followed by different transitions.

                      And even now especially with the dynamic link i will also import After Effects composition directly in premiere, that will be mixed with my rushes on the timeline.

                      So in fact, even if my work with the laptop is only a part of the bigger project I realize in my school, I really need the more power possible, because I thought that when premiere has to access to 3 or 4 video layer in the same time, a faster hdd is better.

                      This is why I really wish to know if you think that premiere will work faster with 2 "slow" hdd (5400t/m) separating system and medias or one more fast (equivalent to 5400x1,5=8100 t/m) that mixed both.

                      Apparently all the experienced persons that try to help me think that it is better solution to keep the 2 hdd separately and I must say that I am a little bit surprised (but I will do as you propose it to me, as you are much more experienced than me).

                      To finish and I will not ask anything more after, I promise (my mom always says that, and you know what :-)...), Maybe I could ask the question in another way:

                      If you have the choice to buy a laptop with 2 hdd at 5400 t/m or one with only one hdd at 7200 t/m, which one would you choose for extensive use of premiere ?

                      I really Thank you for your patience and comprehension (it is not easy for me to express in english and the adobe french forum for premiere is almost dead for the moment).

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                        Jim_Simon Level 8
                        Get two at 7200.
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                          Level 1
                          :-) If only I could afford it ! What a dream... But do you mean you'll like to make a donation to close at last my boring topic ? :-)