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    Different width black bars on side and no black bars on the side of imported clips?!!!

      Hey guys, I recently upgraded from Premiere 6.5 to Premiere Pro CS3. I had captured and edited my video clips in 6.5 a few years back and decided to re-edit the movie with Premiere Pro CS3 on a brand new more powerful computer I purchased specifically for non linear video editing. When I was using Premiere 6.5 to edit a few years back, none of my imported clips had the vertical black bars on the side but, now, when I opened my project files from Premiere 6.5 with the new Premiere Pro CS3, all the video clips in my timeline have the black bars on the side AND if I import a video clip to add to the timeline, that clip DOES NOT have any black bars on the sides. How do I get rid of the black bars altogether? When I play the timeline, you can clearly see the movie go from black bars to no black bars and then back to black bars AND some clips even have wider black bars than the other clips! How can I change this? Please help! Thanks.

      Windows Vista 64-Bit SP1
      2.6 Gigahertz Intel quad core processor (G33 Express Chipset)
      8Gb DDR dual channel 6400/800 RAM
      2 separate 500Gb SATA 3GB/sec 16Mb cache buffer Hard Drives
      1 TB SATA 3GB/sec 32MB cache buffer RAID Hard Drive (2 x 500Gb)
      Nvidia 8600 GT 512Mb Graphics Card
      Have all the latest updates for Premiere Pro CS3
      Have all the latest drivers for my hardware