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    cflayoutarea tab dilemma

    rich.leach Level 1
      I have an interesting quagmire any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

      I have a multi part form that I broke into tabs using cflayoutarea. Understanding that a cflayoutarea using a form will submit to only that tab's window space is fine, but I need to be able to get other tabs to change their content when a user makes a form submission in the first tab. I know that binding is the way to go (my understanding according to the LiveDocs is that only a url binding will work?) but the proper syntax is simply escaping me. Anyone know how to reference a hidden form field value in tab1 from within tab2 and tab3? Also, when I'm all done editing the forms, how do I break out of the Ajax area on screen and get back to the main screen real estate, not the active Ajax window? For example, if I'm in tab3, all done with my form edits in all tabs, and want a "Done" button to take me back to the home page, how do I program that button - that is within the Ajax window - to let me navigate back in the the main screen and take the user to the home page? I'm using Model-Glue, so this has been quite the adventure.

      Thanks in advance,

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          The ScareCrow Level 1
          I think you are making this much more complicated than it has to be, see attached code for an example.

          To return home just use javascript on the button (sorry don't know Model-Glue)
          top.location.href = 'pageName.cfm'

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            rich.leach Level 1
            .... ahh, I see. As usual, I took a complete "180" and went in the other direction when I realized that each cflayoutarea was it's own page, frame, etc. I didn't think to simply wrap multiple cflayoutareas in one cfform tag. And I think I've earned a good smack for missing the obvious javascript call for "top.location.href". That "seeing the forest through the trees" thing. And time for a vacation.

            Many thanks, beers on me.