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    Help with exporting movies to then re edit in pro cs3

      Hi guys, I am having problems finding the best format to edit in premier cs3. Basicly we have the normal movies we edit in mpeg format which is from capturing tape then after a movie has been edited and exported we have a preview movie that needs to be exported and used with about 10-20 other preview movies in premier cs3. I would simply use the projects with the preview movie saved in a seperate sequence but there are 2 problems with this:

      1: The captured tapes are about 10 GB on average and are spread accross 4 computers so having the movie files all in 1 place is hard to do because of time and disk space.

      2. Sometimes for some unknown reason captured tapes do not always play properly in premier pro cs3(ie sound sticking/same words being said over and over so they have to be edited in premier pro 2.0 (sometimes vica versa) Tapes do not work in 1 so I have to use the other then it works fine. So a project from 2.0 when imported to cs3 the sound is wrong. So importing projects for preview movies is a problem aswell.

      I have tried exporting preview movies in wmv format but when importing them into premier pro cs3 or premier pro 2.0 the program constantly closes down and has errors.

      Anyone have any ideas of what the best way to do this is?

      Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

      Regards James