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      I have PP 1.5 can I upgrade to CS4? Thanks for any answers.
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          Found the answer....Thanks!
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            TradeWind Level 3
            In the interest of helping others on the forum, it's helpful to post the results of your query if you are able to solve it yourself.

            For future reference, any previous version of Premiere or Premiere Pro that has ever been released is eligible for the upgrade pricing to Premiere Pro CS4. This may not (and likely will not) continue to be the case after the release of CS5, at which point the upgrade opportunity will be at least limited to Premiere Pro v1.0, 1.5, 2.0, CS3 and CS4 (and perhaps more limited than that, maybe leaving off v1.x entirely).
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              It seems that there are several monetary levels for the upgrade path, and the benefits are also weighed for the version of the upgrade, i.e. Master Collection, Production Studio, individual products, etc.

              I'm looking at Master Collection and it appears that I need two "suites" to get the best price for CS4 (MC). I have CS2 Premium and CS2 Production Studio, plus Studio 8 (?, maybe it's 10 - whatever the last, prior to the CS3 Master Collection was) from Macromedia. I have a call into Adobe to make sure that at least two of these will qualify me for the best, i.e. cheapest, upgrade. Have not heard back yet.

              As you state, I also think that there will be a cut-off on previous editions, as with the Photoshop/Premium Suite, which now only allows an upgrade from 3 previous versions.

              Even with Adobe's site, it is less than crystal exactly what one needs, depending on the suite desired. Their "upgrade path," drop-down needs a bit more detail, hence my telephone call to them.

              I'll still wait until there are reports from the field on CS4, before I jump to it, regardless of how I'm able to upgrade.

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                I did a search on Adobe's website. I can upgrade to CS4 without a problem...
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                  From what I understand, the only upgrade paths available are the ones explicitly stated on the site (yeah, the info isn't always where you would expect it to be, I agree). The only listed suites are CS2 and CS3, meaning that any Macromedia Studio suite would not qualify, nor would anything qualify that isn't explicitly listed.

                  THAT BEING SAID...Adobe is a much better company than they get credit for - particularly with regard to sales - so you will sometimes hear cases where a customer was granted special one-time purchase priveledges after placing a call or series of calls into Adobe. Sometimes, as may be possible in your case, they honor customers who have multiple suites from recent years for a discount they wouldn't otherwise be qualified for.