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    sporadic audio in playback

    sminnis Level 1
      I'm a new PPR CS3 user, and I'm having an issue with audio playback from my source clips. When I load them into the source viewer after capture, the audio playback will cut out intermittently, especially when you start getting deeper into longer clips. If you pause, play in reverse and then play forward again, it's all fine. It's not a capture problem; the audio is there. It's just playing back intermittently. I've tried playing it back through my Windows sound card and through my Mbox via ASIO driver, and the problem occurs both ways.

      It's almost like a RAM buffering problem, but I can't see how. I'm running a Core 2 Duo with 2G RAM. Since I'm new to PPR (Avid expat...good riddance), I'm betting this is related to some audio or playback preferences setting somewhere. Any ideas? Thanks.