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    Problems reinstalling Premiere and Encore CS3

      Using Vista 64,I had the problem of losing my 3 optical drives (2 DVD and 1 Blu-Ray) two days ago.(The problem with the drivers not being available).Despite trying the regedit fix (upper and lower filter removal),they still did not work and I could not use the repair option on the installer DVD for obvious reasons.So a fresh install was carried out,everything I had on the computer before the re-install has loaded and is working fine,except Premiere Pro CS3 and Encore CS3.I can load the third party content on the Premiere disc and the codecs and the library on the Encore disc but NOT the main programmes.Anybody know of a workaround?.
      The Vista 64 is an upgrade from XP professional and the Premiere CS3 an upgrade from Premiere 6.5.Both applications worked fine until my optical drive problem.Any help or advice appreciated.
      Mike Webb