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    Newbie question: will Premiere do....?

      Hi, apologies if this seems a ridiculous question. I am an experienced Photoshop/Illustrator user but have never had any experience with Adobe's video packages. I work in an scientific research laboratory and more and more often now we are getting data presented in short video format. These come from various sources so are in all sorts of formats, and we need to be able to present them in Powerpoint presentations (and it would be nice to be able to do a bit of editing). At the moment we have lots of problems with compatibility. Would Premiere Pro or any of Adobe's other products help with this? I am currently trying to decide which edition of CS4 to purchase - just Design Premium or Master Collection - and would like to know if I would find these extra packages useful.
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          Jeff Bellune Level 5
          "...a bit of video editing..." implies that you won't need all of the capabilities of Premiere Pro or After Effects.

          Premiere Elements may be just what you're looking for. Additionally, it seems to be more friendly to "all sorts of formats".

          Unless you expect the amount of video editing you will be asked to do to increase significantly, Design Premium is probably the best value for you.

          IMHO, of course. :)
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            Level 1
            Thanks Jeff,
            I think you are probably right. I really don't know much about video, and I would love to learn but am unlikely to get the time, so think I will end up sticking with design premium, and perhaps try out Premiere Elements.

            Thanks for your help :-)

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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              There is always the option of hiring out a professional for jobs that can't be easily handled in house. (This is what we're here for, after all.)
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                the_wine_snob Level 9
                Jo-Maree Courtney,

                You might want to look at the video handling capabilities in Photoshop Extended. Introduced in CS3 version, it might do all that you need to do, with regards to video. The CS4 version has been greatly expanded, if my info is correct, and will be available very shortly.

                As Jeff states, Premiere Elements might also do the trick. It is more of a "big button" product, than is Pro. It handles more diverse media, than does Pro, though is still built around a DV-AVI workflow. That would be the best type of Asset to Import into either program. Elements can do a lot, but its target market is the video hobbiest, doing family videos. Still, behind those big buttons, there is a lot of power, but you have to search a bit to unlock it. Its strength is that one can take raw DV-AVI footage, press a couple of buttons and get a stylized product out the other end. It has a demo version and there is also a new book by Steve Grisetti (www.muvipix.com), that explains Priemere Elements 7 pretty well. He has also done a series of articles on PE7 that appear on the above site. You might want to read those, to see if you think this product will work for your needs.

                Good luck,