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    Adobe Media Encoder Not Working - Please help

      Whenever I try and export a video in premiere pro it makes no difference what settings I choose in the Adobe Media Encoder as the video always comes out the same size. When I first tried it I exported it as a 400kbps flash file, but that was taking too long to buffer, so I want to reduce the kpbs. I adjust the bitrate in the encoder, save the settings and everything looks like it's working but no matter what I do the video always comes out the same size. I have tried opening and closing Premiere Pro, even exporting the video as avi and then bringing it back into premiere pro to encode but no joy.

      Also, in the encoder it always says "estimated file size 35mb or so but comes out the other end about 10 times that.

      Its getting really, really annoying so any help would be very much appreciated.