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    Audio Sync Issue When Exporting to Quicktime

      Currently using Premiere Pro CS3 3.2 and Quicktime 7.5.5

      When I export to a quicktime .mov, my audio is a few frames out of sync. I've tried downgrading to older versions of quicktime with no success. Everything is completely in sync inside Premiere. If I import my rendered out-of-sync .mov back into Premiere, it magically syncs up fine again. It's the weirdest thing.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          > Help!


          > Everything is completely in sync inside Premiere. If I import my rendered out-of-sync .mov back into Premiere, it magically syncs up fine again.

          So what?
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            So what?

            So, my quicktime movie is out of sync when played on the quicktime player! The video is slightly behind the audio. That's no good! So I say again, in all seriousness, help!
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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              Ask Apple. They make Quicktime. There is no problem with PP as you stated.
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                Well, it could be an issue with Adobe Media Encoder. I've had some problems with making 1920x1080 outputs with it, so anything's possible.

                How big of a file are you making - what's the resolution? Give us some more details about the clip - i.e. codec used, the source material, and the specs on your system, etc...
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                  It probably is Quicktime related. I don't suffer this issue when exporting to Real Media or .wma. But how do you explain the reimport peculiarity? It doesn't make sense. I think Premiere has to have something to do with it! If I were to revert to an earlier version of quicktime, what version should I revert to?

                  My machine is an Intel Core 2 Duo 6700 2.66, 2 GB Ram. Running XP Pro 2002 Service Pack 3. Premiere Pro CS3 3.2, Quicktime 7.5.5.

                  I'm using .mxf files shot on the HVX-200. My source video is 1280 x 720. I'm exporting using the h.264 codec. I'm fairly certain that it isn't the footage. I tried syncing up some color mattes to music in a new short test project and I'm still 4 frames off.

                  I thought the problem might be the use of mp3's but I replaced them with .wav and .aiff files and still the same problem. When I export to quicktime, the audio is 4 frames ahead of the video. In order to make it sync up, I have to move the audio four frames to the right. This is a terrible solution!!!

                  I'm not the only one reporting this issue. See:




                  Any help is very much appreciated.
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                    Hi John,
                    Did you ever get this problem resolved? I have exactly the same problem. No matter what I do, whenever I export to Quicktime, my videos are a couple frames out of sync.

                    Please help!!!!!
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                      There is a workaround.

                      I never really found a solid cause/solution, but if you're noticing that you have a couple of white frames at the end of your Quicktime exports, then you're probably suffering the same problem I have. Tech people I have checked with have suggested that the problem may be related to the use of .mp3 sound files (as opposed to .wav) in the Premiere project, but after removing them and replacing them with .wav's the problem persisted.

                      I am not technical enough to figure out exactly what's causing the problem, but I think it must have something to do with the Adobe Media Encoder (at least how it works on my computer). From what I've read on the subject, the Media Encoder is Premiere's Achilles's Heel.

                      Changing versions of Quicktime did nothing. Others trying to solve this problem have tried exporting their files with every conceivable variation of options and settings in the Adobe Media Encoder with no positive result.

                      I'm not the only one with this issue, but searches of the Internet show it to be relatively rare, so it's probably some weird glitch somewhere deep in my system. It's not widely-reported enough for anyone to care about addressing this bug. Of the few people that I've found suffering from this anomaly, none have found a fix.

                      But the good news is that I have found a workaround that accomplishes getting a quicktime file out properly that does work for me. I avoid the Adobe Media Encoder completely.

                      Step 1: Go to File > Export > Movie, and under Settings > General choose QuickTime, under Video > Compressor choose H.264, then Uncompressed Audio. I have not experimented with other settings, but believe that most of them will do just fine.

                      If you examine the quicktime file you've just exported, you'll see it works just swell; i.e. no white frames at the end of the movie and the sound syncs up perfectly. Okay, sounds great---but there's no way to limit the data rate using this method, which means we're stuck with a ridiculously large file.

                      The solution is to load the Quicktime file that you've just exported into Quicktime Pro, and now export it using data rate compression / sound compression options to suit your tastes. Bingo!

                      The other workaround that I have heard from some is to export your movie (again, avoiding the Adobe Media Encoder, instead using File > Export > Movie) as an Uncompressed AVI, and then compress with QT pro as before. This method didn't work for me, something about not having the proper codec on my system to read the AVI file that was exported, which makes absolutely zero sense but I couldn't find the right codec anywhere, even after identifying it with some super-duper codec identification utility. Go figure!

                      So, you'll have to get QT Pro ($30 I think) to use this workaround, but it does work, and that's what counts. I have no idea if there's a QT Pro clone or similar program available out there. Compression/decompression and all that jazz is way beyond me and I'm just happy to be able to get my file finally out there in working condition.

                      The only other bit of information I might share with you is that I tried searching the Internet at great length to try and solve this issue, but on the rare occasion I did find someone suffering this problem they were as confounded and frustrated as I was, and no one had a real solution. I continued to search with different search terms and tripped over the clues to this solution when searching for "white frame problem" in relation to Premiere. I even believe that if you search the Abobe forums you may find some posts about it, so if you're inclined to learn more about it, I suggest concentrating your searches with terms that refer to the white frame problem/issue, instead of the terms I used for so long, such as "Premiere Audio Sync Quicktime" and the endless permutations thereof.

                      But I'll bet this workaround works for you. Let me know, and if you'd like me to try it on one of your exports on my computer I'd be happy to give it a go.

                      I have often wondered if upgrading to CS4 would solve this problem. Are you using CS3 like me? If I could be sure CS4 made this issue vanish I would jump on it, but there just isn't enough information out there to know for sure. I'm inclined to think not.

                      Please do let me know if this solution works for you, or if you dig up any new information.

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                        Jeff Bellune Level 5
                        Scott and John,

                        CS4 still has serious Quicktime export issues with certain codecs, H.264 and Animation among them.

                        So until Adobe issues an update, upgrading to CS4 won't solve your Quicktime problems, and may induce others.

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                          Bill Seper Level 1
                          Just a thought....

                          Years ago I used to see a lot of guys new to digital audio who were getting their feet wet with Cakewalk. These guys didn't have a high quality soundcard yet, and were just using a SoundBlaster. I used to read post after post at the Cakewalk email list from these guys where almost everyone with an SB Live card was having trouble keeping multitrack waves in sync with each other. Generally after a couple of minutes into the song the tracks would begin to fall out of sync noticably. I still had an SB Live I was using for playing back video files and whatnot, so I tried recording with it in various combinations of bitrates/resolutions and eventually found that everything I recorded at 16/48 stayed in sync just fine every time. After scouring through Craetive's website for about an hour I finally found where it says that those cards back then had a default recording bitrate/resolution of 16/48.

                          What was happening was this; if you tried to record at 16/44.1 or anything else other than 16/48 the soundcard and the recording software both acted like it was no problem. Behind the scenes, however, the soundcard was still recording at 16/48 and then converting the new tracks to 16/44.1 (or whatever you chose) on the fly while you were recording. The little soundcard just couldn't keep up with the other tracks as they were playing back like that though, and so the newly recorded tracks would fall out of sync with the previous ones.

                          Maybe there's something similar happening here with the mov files and either CS4, the video card, or the QT codec etc. I've seen posts lately where guys were having trouble capturing and keeping sound in sync also.
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                            Just thought you would be interested to know more information to help identify this problem, which we have also experienced while editing a feature film on CS3.


                            I can confirm that it is actually a Quicktime video, not audio issue.  The reason being that our soundtrack was exported and mixed separately.  The video was also exported separately -in this case we used Quicktime.  The video and audio were finally rejoined when authored to DVD.  And yet, as others have experienced, there is a several frame difference in synch, with the audio several frames ahead of the video.  The fact that some also experience white frames at the end confirms that this is a Quicktime video issue -that when encoded to this format the video slightly laggs behind the audio.


                            It is shame, as I personally find Quicktime gives the best look of all the options...so it looks like we will have to try the rough fix, in this case either bringing the video ahead several frames, or pushing the audio back several frames.  I just wonder if this can be narrowed down to an exact number of frames and if this is a universal issue?

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              In several other, similar threads, it has been suggested that QT has problems with "synthetic video," i.e. Black Video, Transparent Video, etc.. In many of those cases, all "synthetic video" was replaced by real video. This entails first using, say Black Video in the NLE, but first Exporting that out as an AVI, or similar. Then, one Imports this file into the Project for use where "synthetic video" was used.


                              Do you have any "synthetic video" in your Project? If so, try replacing that with an Exported version of it. For that Export, I would use something besides one of the QT formats.


                              Good luck, and please let us know if you find a solution,



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                                parkesproductions Level 1

                                If Quicktime is having issues with synthetic video such as 'black video' that would be most interesting.  But difficult to test for our 110 minute feature at present, as that would require a lot of time.  Am wondering if anyone else has found replacing synthetic video with 'real' has resulted in perfect synch?

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  There have been at least two posts over the last few weeks (since the forum changeover), that "synthetic video" was mentioned as a cure for those folk'd problems. I believe that both instances involved H.264 but could be mistaken. As I've not encountered this problem, my referecnes are base on reading the previous threads.


                                  I think that Jeff Bellune (posted earlier into this thread) worked with one of the posters to sort this out. Maybe he can comment in details. Also, if I can find those previous posts, I'll add links to them. Might be some good info in them.


                                  Most of all, good luck,




                                  [Edit] Here is one ARTICLE, but not the long one, that Jeff was part of.

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                                    When using CS3 my Quicktime / H264 + AAC audio outputs were in sync.  Upon upgrading to CS4 I have never been able to get CS4 to render any Quicktime / H264 + AAC audio in sync.  It's absolute garbage that Adobe hasn't addressed this issue yet.


                                    Thus, upgrading to CS4 will likely cause your audio problems to get even worse... steer clear my friend!

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                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                      Welcome to the forum.


                                      Have you filed a Bug Report with Adobe yet?


                                      If not, I strongly suggest that you do. Give them complete details on your system, your Assets and your Project, so they can replicate this problem and then will get about addressing it.


                                      Adobe does not have any presence in these fora. Mentioning something here will never get their attention. We are all just users here.


                                      Good luck,