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    Slideshow question is this possible?

      Hi everyone this is my first post. And yes I did do a search:)
      Well I decided to make a slide show in Premiere Pro CS3. I'm making a slide show with about 150pics. I was wondering if there is a random pan and zoom like in encore or can I copy several photos at one time and then just paste there attributes all at once. I know this is probable not possible but does anyone have any suggestions or know of a plug-in.

      I just want to thank Adobe for always making the best products, been using Photo Shop since 1995 & have loved every other product too. Thanks for the trials too:)
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          akribie Level 2
          If you use automate to timeline out of the project window, you can opt for a default (choose it before starting Automate To Timeline) transition between them, amongst other options. You can also lay down a music track and set markers at the beat which can then be used in Automate to Timeline to determine where scene changes occur.

          As for random motion, there isn't a standard effect for that. But you can create motion paths by hand easily enough and either save them for future re-use or simply copy the first clip with its motion applied and use Paste Attributes to apply that Motion to all target clips (multiple selection of target allowed).

          This is a simple overview. More details of Motion, Automate to Timeline and Paste Attributes can be found in the on-line help.