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    .mov codec and media encoder output inconsistency

      I am sure that I used to be able to edit .mov in Prem 6. Now I am at CS3 someone has come along with a .mov file (normally I wouldn't use it) and I need to edit the little beast. Was surprised to find the file format not covered. Am I missing something? Was I ever able to edit a .mov or am I just growing senile with age?

      On the media encoder front, why when I export a source with one resolution the output, showing the same resolution as the input source, doesn't fit the window. Once again, please tell me if I am being a complete dipstick here but it seems to me that when input resolution and output resolution match I should be able to output a video properly.

      Finally, why is it that developers like to mess with things all the bloody time. With every poxy upgrade of Premier, and I have been working since 5, good things get dumped. When rendering my CS3 shows no capacity to minimise the program. This has always been a facility so why bloody change it.

      Late at night, been editing all day, temper short...thought that getting CS3 would open a brighter future....it just increases the frustration as I am back trying to get it all configured properly and frustrated by the little unecessary 'amendments'.

      :-) can still do it though! Jack.