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    AVID user trying to use Premier markers!! HELP!!

      I am an editor who usually uses AVID. I am working on a friends project on her Premier system and trying to learn the basics but there is ONE THING that I can't seem to get any clear information on and that is markers. In AVID you can set markers (or what AVID calls 'locators') on the actual clip. You can set them in the source window OR the timeline, it doesn't matter. What happens is that you can shuttle through the entire clip by going from marker to marker and the comments for that piece of footage (i.e. "nice shot" "great closeup" "leah says something funny" etc) show up on the bottom of the screen. This way you can quickly go through each clip with your director and pick out the best footage within that clip.

      What I have found in Premier is that you have to create a bunch of markers in the source window, pull that clip into the timeline and THEN click on each marker and write in your comment. Not only that, but you cannot see the comments as you shuttle through, you must double click on the actual marker to see its comment. It seems very counter-intuitive and time wasting.

      Can anyone help me?! Please, I'm desperate!!