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    Cannot launch Premiere

      I installed Native Instruments 2 weeks ago and only today I realized that after deleting NI the AkoustikPianoVST.dll is bugging the launch of Premiere PRO CS3, asking me to locate the 'native instruments' folder' I don't know if it's asking for more VSTs 'cause the launch stops there. The thing is that there is a 'NI' folder after I intalled two individual NI programms (Absynth and FM8). How can I get Premiere to 'skip' the NI VSTs when it launches? Is there a file I could delete or so?

      Thanks in advance.

      I also get this message when I boot since I restarted my PC after Premiere was stuck..


      Averdahl - 12:22pm Oct 14, 08 PST (#1 of 4)

      Try to launch Premiere Pro while holding down the Shift key. If that dont do the trick, launch Premiere Pro while holding down Ctrl+Shift.

      Lefteris Sifidis - 12:42pm Oct 14, 08 PST (#2 of 4)

      neither of these works..

      Lefteris Sifidis,

      You might want to try a search of the forum. It seems that someone on the PP2 forum had problems like your with NI and the missing .dll. I do not recall the workaround, but think there was one.

      Good luck,


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          the_wine_snob Level 9
          Lefteris Sifidis,

          Maybe my memory of the location of the thread was faulty. It could have been in the Adobe Audition forum.

          What caught my eye was the involvement of the same program, Native Instruments and an Adobe product looking for a .dll from NI.

          I'd go back up the forum a few notches and try again. It could also have been in the Production Studio forum, which is probably not accessed via a search of just Premiere forums.