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    What project setting for mixing HD and SD footage?

      I am working on a project that will incorporate older b-roll footage that was shot in SD 4x3.

      I have yet to shoot the new footage, that will be the majority of the final video, and I am wondering what format I should shoot. I have a Sony V1U so I am capable of shooting in HD, but I am curious as to how this will mix with the other SD footage.

      Secondly, what project setting should I use to mix all of this together? I was planning to use a SD widescreen format and just allow the older b-roll to have bars on the side. It actually might add a nice effect for the feeling i'm looking for.

      I just want to be sure that when/if i shoot in HD i'm not "painting myself into a corner" with footage that i won't be able to use.

      Thanks in advance for your responses!

      Eqip: Sony HVR-V1U and Adobe Premiere CS3