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    Losing video and audio

      I have several clips that I chopped up in a single sequence. Each time I exit the Premiere Pro program, the video is gone when I reopen it. The clips are still in the sequence but I get that red text on the program view indicating that the video is absent. So I found that by selecting all clips in the sequence and cutting and then repasting the video clips back into the sequence, that the video is again present. However, the audio for the clips is gone; or at least there is no sound. HELP! What the heck is going on?
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          This is possibly due to the CODEC used in the Clips. Where did they come from and what CODEC is used in these files?

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            Hunt, Thanks for the reply. The clips are AVI files from a Panasonic HD camera captured with premiere. I am not sure of the settings in premiere when I captured them. But why would it be that when I first import the files the video and audio is fine but then when I exit the premiere program--and only then--do they lose the video and audio? And the video comes back after a cut and paste the clips back in, but the audio is gone.

            Thanks again.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              Did you try to rename the AVI to DOC and open it with Word?
              Did you try to rename the AVI to XLS and open it with Excel?

              Does not work, because the CONTENTS are not compatible with either program. AVI means nothing, it is about the contents of the AVI. That is what Bill asked for. The CODEC.
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                Jim_Simon Level 9
                >AVI files from a Panasonic HD camera captured with premiere.

                Hmmm. That sounds fishy. Capture implies tape, but Panasonic doesn't make any HD cameras that record HD to tape. It's either DVCPRO HD that writes .mxf files to P2 cards, or AVCHD that writes .m2ts files to Flash cards. There is no capture stage with Panasonic HD cameras, and none use the AVI file format.
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                  MediaMind2 Level 1
                  At one point there was a bug that would cause clips to show as "offline" and renders to "unlink" as well. It was caused by using the "reverse" speed funtion.

                  Like you mentioned, you could bring the offline clips back by shifting the clips in the timeline but you always had to re-render the preview files.

                  I had a project go corrupt with this...but that was prior to to version 3.5.

                  There really wasn't a fix. I ended up exporting out files up to the point where I had completed the project...then started a new project and imported those files and all the other raw clips/files to move forward.

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                      I found that by cutting and pasting the clips into a new sequence the problem went away. Somehow my original sequence got corrupted.