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    To Wil or anyone else from Adobe...

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      I'm curious about CS4 and it's compatibility with plugins that worked with CS3...is there anything we should know? Obviously a number of things have changed in CS4, but are there any popular plugins (i.e. Magic Bullet Looks, etc.)that you all have tested or just know won't work because of changes to PPro?

      I know that Red Giant Software has posted a compatibility and update list, but I'm curious about other plugins in general...what should we expect?
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          AFAIK, the APIs for filters haven't changed in CS4, so I expect existing effects plugins to work as before. (That said, existing plugins may not recognize CS4 as a valid install target - that would be up to how well a 3rd party's installer works.)

          Also, I saw another question asking whether there would be any HDV improvements - we're already actively working on an updater that does have some improvements for A/V sync (ie a better algorithm that pays attention to both audio & video time stamps & breaks in the MPEG stream), as well a fix to improve HDV export that was previously temperamental with certain cameras.

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            Thanks for the reply, Wil