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    Best way to import transparent animation?

      I have a clip in my movie that needs a transparent animation to play over the top of it. The animation was created in Flash.
      I was wondering what the best way of doing this would be. As of now I'm thinking of just importing the couple hundred images of the animation and placing them on the time line on the top video track.

      Or is there a way to, say, merge the transparent images into an animated GIF and import that into Premiere? How would I do that?

      Also, if I go with the option of importing multiple images, is there a way to make premiere automatically set the length of each image to 1 frame when I drag it onto the timeline?

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          Webshark2000 Level 1
          If the images are numbered as an image sequence, just go to import and select the first image and check "Numbered Stills" at the very bottom. Premiere will bring them in as a video clip at whatever framerate the project is set to (so make sure your flash project matches your framerate in Premiere Pro, usually 30fps).

          When you export from Flash, choose "Export Movie" and then choose a PNG sequence and make sure you have "24 bit with alpha channel" chosen as the color mode. Then just go into Premiere and import it like I described above. I just tried it and it worked.
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            Thanks Shaun..sounds good..
            One thing I'm trying to avoid, though, is having to set the length of each png image to be one single frame in the timeline. It imports them as a sequence, but each image is about 10 frames long, so I have to shrink each one- each of the 500 some images.
            Any way around that? I did have the framerate set as the same as flash, but it still import each image into the timeline where each image covers about 5 frames each.

            EDIT: sorry I missed a step you mentioned about only selecting the first frame. It worked great! Premiere really is wonderful!
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              Eddie Lotter Level 4

              You will also find links to many free tutorials in the PremiereProPedia that will quickly show you how things are done in Premiere Pro.


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