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    credit crawl problems

      Hey I am a newbie to premiere so I apologize in advance because I am aware there will be a straight foward answer to this question, I have googled it to no avail. I would like to set up a credit crawl so the credits move along the bottom of the screen. I have selected crawl in the titler and set it to start off screen. I cannot work out how to type the credits as the text box within the titler still remains verticle I can only type downwards and off the screen. I am not sure if I have explained this well. I imagine it must be a simple format option that allowes me to type the seperate credits horizontally.
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Have you tried just typing vertically and then seeing the results?
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            akribie Level 2

            may help. The basics of the titler have not changed since Premiere 6.5, although the interface has evolved somewhat. The basic technique remains valid.
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              Level 1
              Thankyou for your replys. David, the tutorial you posted explaines how to crawl a single title. I can do that, what I am hoping for is multiple credits to crawl one after the other along the bottom. If I type vertically the text just disapears off the bottom of the screen, when I preview it shows the top credit and thats it, i presume the rest of the text is following the top line but out of sight below.
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                akribie Level 2
                I suspect that you are stuck with multiple titles unless you can cut and paste a very long string into a single crawling line - there must be a limit somewhere, but I've no idea what it might be in this case.

                As an alternative to using the title crawl, using Motion on a static text-based PSD image might give you more flexibility - only within the 4000 pixel width limit, though.