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    Serial Number Issues

      I just downloaded my CS3 upgrade (actual shipment hasn't arrived yet), and successfully installed Premiere. Encore, however, will not take the serial number that is posted on my download account. -- I can't install it. Has anyone else had this problem? Will the serial number on the actual physical shipment be different, or will I still have a problem after receiving the shipment? If so, I will just wait--- Otherwise I guess I need to call customer support...
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          Call Adobe support. No one here works for Adobe, so your best bet would be to give Adobe a call and explain your situation.

          - Aanarav
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            There have been a lot of issues with serial numbers according to the corp. office. I guess these have not yet been resolved.
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              I was having the same problem - serial numbers from my Adobe Store e-mail receipt won't let me install. I called into customer service, and sat on hold for > 30 minutes, finally connecting to an overseas call center rep. She politely took my serial number and plugged it into her validation app, which (surprise!) said it was a valid number. Unfortunately, the CS3 installer doesn't agree. In parallel with my 30 minute hold for customer service (and just for fun) I used my mobile phone to stay on hold for Adobe Technical Support. No one ever answered, although the customer service rep eventually transferred me on her line to tech support, where I sat on hold for another 10 minutes only to reach an automated message saying that everyone had gone home for the day (missed it by 10 minutes) and to call back in the morning. Arrrrrrrrrghhhhh!!!!!!!
              Later that night...and just for grins, I try the S/N for Encore, and Bingo! It works for Premiere Pro CS3-- Go Figure.
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                I just upgraded to Master Collection from Created Suite Production Studio. I also had to call Adobe after the serial number did not allow me to upgrade to Master Collection. Adobe gave me a number to enter into a hidden setup page. Than I registered and every thing worked. Everything in less than 20 minutes, NOT bad! So yes I think that there must be some issue with serial numbers.
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                  Hidden setup? Where is that at?
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                    ctrl+shift=double left click any where in the upgrade from previous product selection menu and serial number.
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                      I downloaded the upgrade to Premiere Pro CS3 which came bundled with OnLocation and Encore(5 different files to download). After installing Premiere with no problems, Encore wouldn't accept the serial number either. I won't go into how long I was on the phone with Support, but I DID figure out the fix. The bundle has 5 downloads - Premiere, Encore, the manual, OnLocation and Encore Content(which is like 2.5 Gb). YOU NEED TO UN-ZIP THE ENCORE CONTENT FILE AND INSTALL IT FROM THERE - it will install without asking for a serial number!. Once this is complete, go back to the original installer and run it - it will bring up the Encore "installer" and go thru a seamless install accepting the shipped serial number and you will grin from ear to ear. You are welcome...Don't get lost in those installs - just take my word for it - it worked. Why all the installs, I don't know - maybe to thwart hackers - remember, go back to the original CS3 intaller in the Premiere folder, it will know where you are and install Encore for you. btw - you must have the previous versions of Premiere & Encore on your machine because I believe the program looks for those previous versions. Register, activate and enjoy. Now, if I can get seamless playback on my old VAIO in Premiere, I'll be happier - I heard to go with "high quality" playback instead of automatic - will try and report.
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                        I purchased Premiere Pro 2.0 last year. I just bought the Premier Pro CS3 upgrade. I installed Premiere Pro CS3 and it requested the serial # for Premiere Pro 2. Then I installed Encore and it requested the serial # for a previous version of Encore. I don't have one. I thought I was upgradeing and the Encore was included.

                        Has anyone else run into this and how can I resolve this short of buying a previous version of Encore?

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                          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                          Call Adobe!
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                            Regarding the first response from Aanarav,

                            Aanarav says no one here works for Adobe. He must work for Microsoft, as the old joke about the airplane in the fog goes, Aanarav is totally correct and his information was totally irrelevant.

                            As another old saying goes, "if you don't have something productive to say, then don't say anything."

                            I had the same problem with CS3 installs and this weekend install support is down for "system maintenance." So thanks to all the people who post USEFUL responses.

                            have fun,
                            Jim Lohse
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                              > As another old saying goes, "if you don't have something productive to say, then don't say anything."

                              Pity you didn't abide by that saying.
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                                >Aanarav is totally correct and his information was totally irrelevant

                                His information is not only relevant, it provides the essential solution.

                                >As another old saying goes, "if you don't have something productive to say, then don't say anything."

                                The "old saying" is "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all".

                                >So thanks to all the people who post USEFUL responses.

                                Given your stated opinion on this matter, you must therefore believe that your response was somehow useful. Please help me understand exactly how your post is useful at all, because I don't see it.
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                                  Serial number issues really need to be handled by Adobe. There is no other solution. So Aanarav's answer was ceratinly relevant. Just because the Adobe system may be down does not in any way change the answer.

                                  Even the few Adobe people who do read, but don't respond, are not Customer Service. They are tech support and engineers.
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                                    Jim_Simon Level 8
                                    >Aanarav is totally correct and his information was totally irrelevant.

                                    I, too, fail to see how it's irrelevant. It does seem like the best answer to give in this case.