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    missing files on saved project

      I have CS2 Premier Pro. I used project manager to save a project from my C drive to an external hard drive. Now when I open PP2 and chose the project I saved, many of the rendered files are missing. How do I reconnect them? I thought by using project manager and chosing all files to be saved, that this would not happen. Thank you,

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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          You can always just render again.
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            akribie Level 2
            You need to be very careful with external drives. The OS tends to buffer writes (ie not write everything to the disk immediately, but feed it out over a longer period) and, if you switch off too quickly, you can lose data. Maybe that's what caused your problem?
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              Thanks for your help. I leave the pc on all the time, so I don't think I switched it off too soon. I will try the re-render. But isn't using project manager supposed to prevent this from happening? I am trying to archive old projects just in case I want to go back and tweek them someday.

              Is there a better way to archive old projects?


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                akribie Level 2
                I haven't run a test, but I would not be surprised to find that the project manager did not archive the render files, since they take up space and can easily be recreated by re-rendering after opening the trimmed/archived project.
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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  >Is there a better way to archive old projects?

                  I think so - manually.

                  You arrange a folder structure that's easy for you to work with. For example, within the client's project folder, I create three more folders, Files/Audio/DVD. The Premiere project, graphics, stills, etc. go into the Files folder. Music files and rendered audio files go into the audio folder. The Encore DVD project goes in to the DVD folder. Any graphics, pics or music, etc. that you want to use in the project, you manually copy into the appropriate folder first. (Don't reply on the automatic actions of Project Manager doing this afterwards. Do it by hand before you use the file in Premiere.) The overall client folder then get's archived to CD or DVD when editing is done.

                  Media is on a separate drive. Exports are on separate drive. Preview files are in separate folders. None of this get's saved to the archival DVD. If you need to rebuild the project, the media from tape is simply recaptured. The preview and exports are simply recreated as needed.