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    Export P2 project....

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      I've not done that much work with P2, but I'm starting a big project with all the files coming from P2 cards.

      When I finish, we need to export out to tape. Will CS3 or CS4 export a P2 project out to a DVCPRO HD deck, and if so will I need anything extra or do I just need to plug the deck into the firewire port and roll the project off? I'm thinking that non-MXF DVCPRO HD is not native to PPro - correct?

      My other option (I'm thinking) would be to get a Blackmagic or AJA card and use that to export out to tape. The project needs to ultimately go to D5, and finding a deck locally for rent is proving to be somewhat problematic so I was thinking about going to DVCPRO HD tape, then send out for transfer.

      Any advice?
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          When it gets to D5 (Tape) what is the end use? ie. what is the need for an export to Tape

          FWIW: I export my HD material as files then use a Kona Card to Export them to Tape. (D1, D5 , DigiBeta). End use TV Broadcast
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            It's going to be shown in theatres for a one-night only performance, and CineMedia (the company that does the distribution) said that D-5 is what they need the final master on. I think they then convert it to something that can be sent out to all the theatres.

            I thought about doing what you do, Craig - export out a group of QT files (the total run time will be around 90 minutes), then just export them into the Smoke system that's hooked up to one the D-5 decks I found we could use at our local PBS station.

            I guess I'm trying to find something easier - can I roll off to a DVCPRO HD deck through firewire?
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              shooternz Level 6
              I find the file based method very simple Eric.

              Simply I export a QT 720p(24bit) anamorphic file from AME and my post house opens it in FCP then "writes" it to any of the decks thru' the Kona Card.

              There are many options in the Kona Card to "write" it appropriately to the specific deck. Mostly for me it is down converted to FHA which is actually Anamorphic SD 16:9.

              I am not sure which decks they can write to as HD but know they can if need be.
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                Thanks, Craig. That does sound like an easy way to go. I'll talk about it with the producer and see what he thinks, but I think I'll lobby for that method.