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    Storing HDs?

    shooternz Level 6
      I am removing the full SATA HDs from my External Enclosures (x3) and want to store them away (archive mxfs, projects etc). If needed again they will be accessed via my HD Docking Station. I have installed new 500 gb drives in each Ext enclosure.

      Whats the best way to store an H/Drive in a filing cabinet/cupboard/box?

      Bag type, magnetic protection, air flow, damp proofing...?????

      Anyone know an easy way to Print the File Contents of a HD? (I am thinking 'Snagit' but would love to print from Explorer Window preferably.
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          SFL46 Level 3
          As for printing directory--

          use window explorer and get the layout you want.
          Print screen
          Paste into a Word document
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            Colin Brougham Level 6
            Check out this Directory Printer app... I've used it for exactly the same purpose.
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              I can't say this is the best way but I just put the drives on a shelf.
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                Dan Isaacs Level 2
                Perhaps look into getting some padded cases so they don't get bumped around too much? Look at ones from Pelican if you want heavy-duty protection.
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                  shooternz Level 6
                  I am more concerned about magnetic fields, damp and dust.

                  Gets a bit humid where I live, the offices/suites are a bit dusty and not sure what happens to a HD that stays inactive for a long period without any current running through it (ie no warming up).
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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    I think that Dan's idea of the Pelican cases is a good one. For me, in AZ, dust is the big problem, and humidity is something that we only hear about.

                    I also second the Directory Print utility.

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                      Dag Norum Level 2

                      Zip-lock bag in antistatic material around the HDD and put in a silica-gel bag. Get an old steel petty-cash box and the put the packaged HDD's into that box.

                      Once or twice a year (depends on the size of the silica-gel bags and the humidity), you take out the silica-gel bags and put them in the oven for a couple of hours at 70 degrees celcius.

                      Now you just hope the room doesn't burn down.

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                        shooternz Level 6
                        Thanx all.

                        I will Zip lock them with silica gel and use some antistatic bags from old circuit boards that I have laying around.Chuck them in the fireproof safe and forget them.

                        Have been putting off this task for some time now and likelihood is I will never ever fire them up again but I have done my best.

                        I used to keeps spaces stacked full of filed 35 and 16mm neg (just in case). One day I got over whelmed and decided to dump it all. Its just a mind over matter thing but old habits die hard.

                        BTW - Print Director app is ideal for my task (eg labelling the HD contents.)
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                          had 2-3 sata mid decade 250gb to 300gb hd's fail on me:
                          all through over-use in a probably ill-ventilated pc case.

                          The good news worth sharing is they all died slowly (crashing pp3 during overnight dvd renders, or loud failure clicks during use) so there was all the time needed to transfer data.

                          first humidity step is buy a hydrogometer (or whatever the thermometer that measures humidity is called) and see if they'd be getting past manufacturers reccomdended limits (Don't think dust can get into a modern 3.5" hd unit).

                          edit :) This was all leading upto how hd's and modern electronics go through their hardest time during the shipping and storage between factory and end user, and stored as they are shipped from factory in the bag & foam packaging they should last forever.
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                            Eddie Lotter Level 4
                            >Anyone know an easy way to Print the File Contents of a HD?

                            Very easy. Go to a command prompt. Type " cd \" (only the bold text) to get to the root of the drive, then type " dir /s > drive.txt".

                            It will take a while but you will end up with a text file called drive.txt that contains the entire directory structure. You can then open the file in WordPad or your word processor and format it with a small, fixed width font and then print it.

                            There are various sort options. At the command prompt you can type " dir /?" for options. The greater-than sign is what redirects the output of the command to the text file. Put all options before it.


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                              shooternz Level 6
                              Always wondered why Explorer never had a convenient way to do this.

                              A feature request for Bill Gates maybe. ;-)

                              Years ago I had a brilliant application called 'X-tree Gold'. A file and folder management application. It preceded Explorer in a DOS world and it could print the structure.
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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                Used X-Tree Gold, back then. Also used PC-Tools, before Symantec bought it up, and then it re-appeared years later with a bunch of new applications in it. I found the latter to have a bit more power, but kept both around for just this sort of stuff.

                                Now, why MS Explorer doesn't have some really useful features is only something that can be answered from Redmond. It's not like they sell any of the other utilities.