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    Quality Loss

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      Folks, please help:

      Two questions

      1) Every time I apply any effect to a clip, the footage looses quality. It no longer looks as sharp as the way it looked without the application of the effect.

      2) I am exporting an 8-minute movie using the Quicktime format in Adobe Premiere CS3. It looses a lot of quality as well. What are the parameters to use to get the best results.

      I am using a Sony DCR-HC Series, MiniDV Handycam Camera.

      Thank a bunch!

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          Did you render the clip after you added the effect?
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            shooternz Level 6
            What does it look like if you export a test clip without any effect but with the same QT settings?

            Whatever...I suspect your bit rate settings are too low.
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              Jim_Simon Level 9
              I've recently discovered that Premiere works with DV in native YUV format...until you apply an effect. Then it converts to RGB format, and not always correctly. For me, this showed up as problems with IRE levels, never sharpness. But I wonder if there may be some connection to what you're seeing.
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                Tlc51369 Craig, and Simon,

                Thanks Much!! Rendering after applying the effects helps, but still is no quite the clip without the effect.

                Regarding the Quicktime conversion, I was definately having low bit rate settings. Higher bit rates improved the final product tremendously.

                Simon, I am not familiar with the concept of the Native YUV format and its conversion to RBG. Could you please expand or point me on the direction of an existing string on this topic?

                Thank you all, Very helpgul advice.

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                  shooternz Level 6
                  Jason . Be aware that I (and others I believe) do no think that Premiere (AME) does such a great job of QT encoding.

                  Often we use QT Pro to do that job from a lossless file.

                  Whatever. Higher bitrates are superior to lower ones.