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    Export gives a nasty red tint

      I need some help Please.

      I am trying to export a movie from Premiere CS3. The movie looks great when editing, previewing, etc. Whites are super white and color looks good. But the second I go to export, all my whites turn to pink and everything gets saturated with red.

      The export preview window even shows a great image, but the actual exported file is horrible.

      This problem happens regardless of what file type I'm exporting to. Also, changing compression levels doesn't seem to make any difference. MOV, AVI, Uncompressed - It all turns pink.

      I'm using clips from various sources. (after effects, VOB's from a DVD, etc). I've also closed Premiere and started the project over from scratch.

      What's happening? And what can I do about it?

      Thanks for the help.
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          My first question is what are you using to monitor colors? Ideally it should be a properly calibrated external NTSC monitor when working on the project, and a properly calibrated NTSC monitor connected to your DVD player after export. (Or PAL/ATSC as the case may be.)

          Computer monitors generally make a poor choice for CC type work.
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            Well, In short. Yes, I'm using a standard computer monitor to view the output.

            I'm not sure what that has to do with it thought, given the fact that this problem has never happened before. And this isn't the first movie I've exported from Premiere.

            Also, I view movies of all different formats on this same monitor and they look fine.

            I can export from After Effects just fine with no problems.

            Come to think of it though, I did get the same red tint exporting from after effects when I used the DV/DVCPRO compression set at medium.

            Any thoughts?

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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              Only to use proper displays. It may be something is wrong in what you're doing that can be fixed, but it's also quite possible there's nothing at all wrong with the final video, only your display's presentation of it.

              The problem is that without properly calibrated displays, there's no reference to know for sure where the error lies.