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    Mono/Stereo Audio Question

      I apologize for posting this probably basic question, but I am somewhat new to video editing and can't figure this out. I have a bunch of stereo audio files in my project that was setup as a stereo project. If I need to output the final video in mono can I change my project settings in the audio preferences to source channel mapping and choose mono? Any help would be much appreciated.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Probably the best way to assure that you get a mixed mono is to set each Sequence up with a Mono Master. If you done a bunch of editing, I'd do a Ctrl-a (Select All), Ctrl-c (Copy), then go to your new Mono-Master Sequence and Ctrl-v (Paste). When you do this, the stereo Audio Tracks will go where they should (I'd set up my Sequence with the appropriate number of stereo Tracks, but Premiere is smart enough to create them for you). With a Mono-Master, you will end up with mono. It is the Master, that will determine what you end up with. If your Master is stereo, Premiere will output even mono source files to stereo.

          Another way to get this would be to take your Audio into Audition and change it to mono.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            I might first ask why you require mono.
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              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              > can I change my project settings in the audio preferences to source channel mapping and choose mono?

              I think you have the info you need from Bill, but I'll add this about your question. I think the answer is no. You do not set channel mapping in the project settings. You handle this per clip, and you MUST set this on the clip before you use the clip in the project. I now use this often when I have recorded two separate mikes on the camcorder.
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                akribie Level 2
                If, for example, you are planning to output in a web format with mono sound, the easiest place in the process (I would suggest) to go mono is when doing the format conversion in Media Encoder, not on the timeline.