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    Audio output mapping problem - Only two channels!

      I'm running the trial version of Premiere Pro CS4 trying to edit a 5.1 surround project (with 5.1 being the master audio) . Unfortunately all my (mono-)audio-tracks are only played through two of the three front speakers (left and right) of my 5.1 speaker setup, although I've used the audio mixer to pan them to their according positions (center, front left, front right, rear left and rear right).

      Checking the "Audio Output Mapping"-option in the Preferences-menu I've noticed that there's only two channels visible: "Realtek AC97 Audio - 1" (with the icons for "left" and "front left") and "Realtek AC97 Audio - 2" (with the icons for "right" and "front right").

      What's going on? Through Windows I can access all channels, and when playing surround-files (like AC3-audio files) each channel is mapped to the correct speaker. Why is Premiere only recognizing two channels of my sound card (on-board Realtek ALC850/AC97)?