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    Error importing projects from Windows to Mac

      I'm trying to import a project from Premiere 6 from windows into Mac CS3.
      However I keep getting this message "This project was saved in a version
      prior to Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and cannot be opened in a mac. please
      refer to the user guide for import options.'
      But I cannot find anything in the user guide. Does anybody out there
      know how to open up this project?

      Thx Paul
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          My guess is that you simply can't do it on a Mac. You may have to use a PC for the task.

          (But that's OK. It'll be good for you to come back into the light. forum smileys )
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            Level 1
            Oops sorry, got another problem. I'm also trying to import avi
            files from Windows into Premiere CS3 on my Mac. All I get is
            'sorry Codec missing or unavailable.' saying it's a file import
            failure. Is there a place to find the proper codec and where
            do you find it? Geez transferring from Windows to Mac,
            can be a pain!

            Thx Paul
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              Curt Wrigley Level 4
              If you must import an old 6x project you will have to do it on a windows PC running cs3. Import it then export the project as a cs3 project and mac ver will be able to read it.

              Importing what kind of avi? AVI is a wrapper that may contain video from any number of codecs.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Sorry to hear about the PC -> Mac problem. Old 6.5 Mac Project opened fine in CS2 PC, after I added the file extensions.

                As for the AVI, Curt is correct. There should be a utility for the Mac, like G-Spot, which will tell you everything about your AVI file. Unfortunatly, I do not know if G-Spot is ported for the Mac (www.headbands.com/gspot), so you might need to find similar for you platform. You can then identify the necessary CODEC and install it.

                Last, you should be able to find an edit-shop that has CS3 on PC and get them to Import the old Project, then Export it in CS3, so you can open it on your Mac. If not a commercial shop, then maybe a friend with CS3 on PC? Next best thing might be to find a Mac with Premiere 6/6.5 (last Mac version, prior to CS3 ?) and try that route.

                Good luck,