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    Graphics/text pixelated in CS3 on timeline and export

      I should have asked about this a long time ago!

      (Firstly I do not have Photoshop or After Effects I have to try to design everything graphical or texts in PPCS3. SO if this is a solution or if another progrma is please tell me >>) I have a good pc but a very minimal set-up.

      OK, so when I make the videos a typical format would be a timeline with about 10 or so layers, I'd have a colour matte on the bottom (specific to clients colours brand etc) Id then create separate shapes in the title designer building up layers on the timeline,creating almost like a moving powerpoint presentation. I'd perhaps put the video inside a circle and have titles coming in throughout.

      Lately it's been noticed more and more as these videos go to bigger clients and get projected much larger that the edges of ""graphics"" and text (no matter the font and colour) is very pixelated..I cant sit here and export every video in an uncompressed format as they are required as dvd's or wmv's usually.

      Any advice on buying software, fixes I can do within PPCS3 or can you see if I'm doing it wrong..would be much appreciated!
      See below for more of an idea