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    Just how hard it is to export using Adobe Media Encoder ?

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      For those who have CS4 already, just how difficult is it to export
      to Adobe Media Encoder ?

      Right now it's very simple, you make up your work area for example, and export.

      So with CS4, I must do what exactly to do this ?

      Do I have to save the project with the work area selected, exit, now open Adobe Media Encoder and now select "open project" and now load this up and then export ?

      Please tell me it ain't so.

      I'd like to hear the steps to do this. I have to be honest, what once was an exciting time, has turned into a disappointing time now, reading all the things Adobe had changed ( for no good reason ). I just don't understand sometimes why they do things. I think they should get more input from poeple that use their products on a daily basis, so they know what they should touch, and what not to touch.

      I'm actually not looking forward to upgrading now, even though I will, because of a few things that look good in the new version.