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    Use DV avi when burning instead of m2v and wav file.


      Product name: Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 with Encore.
      Latest version available of Adobe Premiere Pro CS3.
      Operating system: Vista Ultimate
      Computer: DELL Dimension 9200, 2 GB RAM, 3gHz dual, 500GB HDD.

      Here my scenario:

      When I capture my 1 hour movie from my MiniDV to my hard drive using Premiere, it generate a .avi (13GB) file.
      It also generate a .m2v (1.5GB) and a .wav (500MB) file for the timeline.
      Since it's smaller, it's easier to work with.

      BUT when I export everything to Encore, the finish product on DVD is only 1.5GB.

      What happen with the rest of the 13GB avi.

      I have a 8GB DVD DL, I can put more than 1.5GB. Is there a way to tell Premiere or Encore to use this file just before the burn?
      (Of course it will need to compress the 13GB to 8GB.)

      Thanks in advance for your time.