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    Multiplexing Dolby 5.1 in MPEG 2 Streams,

      Hi Guys,
      I am new to the CS3 workflow. But I am trying to produce hi def mpeg2 streams with dolby digital.
      The streams seem to export fine. But I end up with 2 streams as a result. I have set the multiplexer to mpeg 2. I have set a video buffer to 5 as well as the audio. I am using variable bit encoding with 23, 24 and 25 Mbs for the Video rates and setting the mulitplexing rates to 26,000 kbs.

      But the stream doesn't muliplex. If I choose the mpeg audio all is fine. But when I go dolby the audio stream is not included.

      I am using mpegid to examine the mpeg stream for contents.

      Any help would be great.


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Have you purchased the SurCode DD 5.1 SS plug-in yet? You will need that to encode 5.1 (after your 3 trial encodes).

          However, it sounds like you you might need to go back a step or two.

          1.) Is the Master of your Sequence set to DD 5.1 SS?
          2.) Then go to File>Export>Adobe Media Encoder and in the Audio Tab choose Dolby Digital for the "Audio Format." You can make your settings there, as needed.
          3.) I always Export as elemental streams, but if you want a mux'ed file, set that in the Multiplexer Tab. When done, hit OK. This is where you'll get three trials of the SurCode plug-in.

          If you wish to buy the SurCode plug-in, make sure you do it from the pop-screen with the link to Minnetonka Audio's site, not by going there directly in your browser. The price is better from "within" Premiere. The difference was ~ US$50.

          Good luck,

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            HI Bill,

            Thank you for the reply. Yes I purchased the Surcode plug in.

            1. I am not sure about how to set the Master sequence to DD 5.1. In my sequence I have set it up 5.1 so I have the 6 channels begin metered individually.

            2. I tried exporting the audio through Audio export and I got all the channels I needed here. But I wasn't offered the Dolby digital just pcm.

            3. Normally I would, but I am looking for a different approach. I normally use Elecards Muxer Pro. But it doesn't offer the ability to differ the VBV buffer.

            I am on a mac. So where exactly do I set up this DD sequence? I think I am working in 5.1.

            Any words of wisdom would be great.

            Keep well.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              In New Project, set to Custom. Under Custom Settings, go to Default Sequence and in Audio, set Master to 5.1. This will establish 5.1 as your Master for all new Sequences.

              When you create a new Sequence, it should have the 5.1 Master in it, since it is now the default for that Project.

              When you wish to Export, choose AME (Adobe Media Encoder) and NOT Export>Movie. Here, it'll be a bit different for you, than it is for me, since I use elemental streams, i.e. not mux'ed AV files.

              Choose your Format as MPEG2 (you would also check Export Video and Export Audio. Look down the Panel to the lower window and click the Audio Tab. Choose Audio Format: Dolby Digital. Your options will now fill that lower window. for Audio Coding Mode choose 3/2 (L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs - 5.1 Surround, and then click the box for LFE On. Adjust any of the other settings, as you require.

              Last, in this lower window, go to the Multiplexer Tab. Since you have chosen to Export both Audio & Video, it should be greyed out.

              Let me know if I missed something, or if it's not working for you. With the installation and activation (actually, all you are really doing is "activating" the SurCode plug-in, as it is already "installed"), the SurCode encoder will be called on automatically to Export out your file.

              One caveat: if you later wish to Import your file (now with DD 5.1 SS in AC3 format) into Premiere, you'll need to copy the AC3 .dll from Encore into the root folder for PP. I do not have the exact name from Encore CS3, since I only have CS2 and the name is slightly different. On the forum, there are dozens of references to the exact name of the .dll in CS3 Encore, plus step-by-step directions on copying it over to PP.


              [Edit] I do not *think* that there should be any differences in how PP works between the platforms. I also do not *think* that there will be any differences, between what I've listed (from CS2) and CS3. If so, I apologize.

              [Edit 2] In your Sequence, look down the list of Audio Tracks and find Master (should be at the bottom). In the Track "title," is there a "5.1" to the right? If there is a single "speaker" icon, it's mono. If there are two "speakers" in the icon, stereo. If it says "5.1" then the Master IS 5.1, which is what you want. If it's just a two speaker icon, you will need to create a new Sequence and make sure that the Master is set to DD 5.1. Then, go into your "stereo Master" Sequence, Ctrl-a (Select All), Ctrl-c (Copy), then open your "5.1 Master" Sequence (empty at this point), place the CTI to the beginning (Home), and Crtl-v (Paste). Obviously you'll use Cmd-c, etc.. Then try the Export>AME as stated above. By setting your default Sequences in the New Project, it will give you that option, everytime you create a new Sequence. You can change it, when you create a Sequence, but will default to DD 5.1.
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                Hi Hunt,

                I have tried several ways and I can never get the greyed out multiplexing scenario you speak of. Very dissappointing. As I can't move it to another machine to test as the license is only valid for the one machine.

                It also won't multiplex the dolby into a DVD format so I am wondering if there is an issue somewhere. As the ac3 is encoded, its just never mulitplexed.

                Thanks for your help.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7
                  Why multiplex, why not two files?
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                    Hi Harm,

                    Its for digital Cinema delivery.

                    Thanks Rodney
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                      Hi Rodney


                      Can I ask, did you ever get a solution to your encoding problem for Digital Cinema? I'm having exactly the same issue with CS4 - I need to produce a TS file with encoded Mpg2 and DD 5.1 and the exporter just crahes when I try this. Any hints would be welcome.


                      Many thanks



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        I'd let Encore do the Transcoding to MPEG-2 (including muxing the Audio), and then Burn that to a folder. Your Digital Cinema can handle .VOB's, or ISO's right?


                        I've never done the muxing in PrPro, as I want elemental streams for Encore. I also do not want any MPEG Audio, only an AC3 (OK, that's officially MPEG, but a different version than what, MPEG-3 Stream 3?), or a PCM/WAV if not 5.1 SS. I do not know how PrPro handles MPEG with DD 5.1 SS Audio. I believe that you CAN Export from PrPro to .WMV (about the 9 CODEC) to included DD 5.1 SS. You might have to explore this option a bit more. Now, can your Digital Cinema handle more recent WMV files?


                        Your delivery needs are quite different from mine. I'm just guessing a bit here, because I always am going to DVD-Video, so use the same exact workflow for all of my Projects. Sorry that I do not have better answers for your particular situation.


                        Maybe post the various requirements of the Digital Cinema. Could be some easy way to get what you need, but from a different direction.


                        Good luck,